(DS02) Data Science for Managers

This one day course on ‘Data Science for Managers’ aims a) to provide an overview of Data Science to managers, and b) to train them in running a successful data science project.


This course provides with all the vital information needed for successfully managing a Data Science project. The course can be viewed as an introductory level course on data science for managers.

The course provides a brief but complete overview of the field of Data Science. It provides information on important issues such as inception of a data science project, managing of data science projects in terms of liaising with business, asking the right questions, model building, deployability and post-production analysis.

It also discusses various issues of interest to AI management such as data privacy, issues of regulations

Target Audience:

The course is ideal (however, not limited) for someone who has some basic experience in machine learning and are interested to take on roles that requires managing some data science activity.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Better understanding of the field of Data Science as well as all the technical and non-technical challenges that they will encounter in their daily routine of managing data science projects
  • Better ability and confidence in managing data science projects
  • Better capability in liaising with different stake-holders of data science project

Learning Methods:

Face to Face with online instructor.

Program Benefits:


  • Session 1 - Overview: a) General overview of Data Science, b) Machine Learning (Models, Data, Process, Scale), c) Data vs. Big Data, d) SQL vs. NoSQL, e) Models vs. Big Models, f) Infrastructure, g) Data Science Teams
  • Session 2 - Use-cases (Examples): a) Supervised ML, b) Un-supervised ML, c) Deep Learning, d) Representation Learning, e) Representation Learning, f) Tools and Technolgy
  • Session 3 - Inception of DS Projects: a) Identifying the problem, b) Are you solving a new problem? c) Identify the value of your product or service, d) Scoping the project, e) Identifying the stakeholders, f) Building the team
  • Session 4 - Managing: a) Identifying the success of the project, b) Various metrics translating into business outcomes, d) Managing Model training, e) Managing Production, f) Error Analysis, g) Continuous life-cycle of a product
  • Session 5 - Blind-spots: a) Good, bad and ugly aspects of Big Data, b) Bad Data, c) Covariate-shift, d) Difference between training and production data, e) Model Stalling
  • Session 5 - Miscellaneous topics: a) Explainable AI, b) Data Privacy, c) examples and use cases

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Upcoming Workshops

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(DS02) Data Science for Managers 19 October 2020 08:30 am - 04:30 pm On Line $1,100.00
(DS02) Data Science for Managers 26 October 2020 08:30 am - 04:30 pm On Line $1,100.00


NOTE: Courses are subject to cancellation if insufficient student numbers.

You will be notified a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the course commencement.

You will not be charged until the course is confirmed.