(EO9) Fundamentals of Aircraft Stores Compatibility (Explosive Ordnance Perspective)

This short course provides an insight into the safety requirements associated with the integration of ADF Explosive Ordnance (EO) onto military helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.
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All EO intended for use on ADF helicopters and fixed wing aircraft is required to be formally assessed in order to demonstrate safe carriage, safe deployment or safe jettison from the specific aircraft type and EO load configuration(s). This requires a formal assessment of Aircraft Stores Compatibility (ASC) in order to demonstrate the Airworthiness of the EO / Platform configuration(s), which in turn supports platform certification and eventual Military Service Release in accordance with the Defence Aviation Safety Regulations. This entry level course highlights the key steps in the ASC process, identifies the key stakeholders and their respective roles and responsibilities.

Target Audience:

• CASG EO engineers supporting acquisition or sustainment of EO intended for use on ADF helicopters and/or fixed wing aircraft • Platform SPO Armament Engineers managing or undertaking EO integration activities • Project Engineering Managers within managing EO / platform integration activities

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding the ASC process
  • Understanding the importance of ASC from an EO / Platform integration perspective
  • Awareness of the key ASC stakeholders

Learning Methods:

Face to Face - half a day

Program Benefits:

  • Provides ADF members (Project Managers, Engineering Manager, Logisticians, etc) an insight & appreciation of Aircraft Stores Compatibility
  • Provides an understanding of the hazards associated with carriage, deployment or jettison of EO from an aircraft
  • Provides an appreciation of the ASC process and its role in the integration of EO onto ADF aircraft


  • What is Aircraft Stores Compatibility?
  • ASC Stakeholders
  • ASC Process
  • ASC Guidance & Standards

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Fundamentals of Aircraft Stores Compatability (Explosive Ordnance Perpective) 24 November 2020 01:00 pm - 05:00 pm Canberra $550.00


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