Variable Message Format (VMF) & Combat Net Radio (CNR) Planning Course

VMF & CNR Planning is aimed at personnel directly involved with the planning process.


A one day planning course and as a follow on from VMF & CNR Basic Course.  The day will support students in both developing and expanding their understanding of the critical requirements involved in the successful delivery of VMF & CNR planning; recognising the issues surrounding equipment interoperability, identifying URN requirements and the allocation of suitable addresses. The afternoon will see students undertake a basic planning exercise involving simple VMF/CNR networks to perform a check of understanding of all learning outcomes.

Target Audience:

VMF & CNR Planning is aimed at personnel directly involved with the planning process.  Prior experience of TDL planning is advantageous but not necessary.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe TDL planning process
  • Discuss the US planning and execution structure
  • Recall the inputs to the planning process
  • Discuss the impacts of interoperability upon VMF planning
  • Recognise and assess the inputs in to the VMF & CNR planning process
  • Recognise the need for Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) 5
  • Discuss the Common CNR Initialisation File (CCIF) process
  • Discuss the Master Air Attack Planner Toolkit (MAAPTK) process
  • Correctly create and define an effective VMF/CNR architecture based upon the provided information
  • Correctly identify, define all necessary Sets & Fields to create an accurate OPTASK Link CNR Segment based upon VMF/CNR architecture

Learning Methods:

PowerPoint Presentation/Workshop. Visual, Oral, Verbal, Physical (where applicable), Logical, Social (interpersonal) and Solitary (intrapersonal)

Program Benefits:

  • Understand the VMF & CNR planning requirements
  • Ability to recognise complex interoperability issues involved between VMF capable platforms
  • Ability to recognise the importance of Common Operational Tasking and Common Mission Data Loading


  • Introduction to Planning
  • VMF & CNR Planning
  • Common Operational Tasking and Common Mission Data Loading
  • VMF & CNR Planning Exercise

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