Link 22 - Basic Course

Link 22 Basic is an introductory course providing a concise insight in to the subject.


Link 22 Basic expands upon those areas covered within the EO with the duration being one day. Attendees will explore the functionality of the Link 22 equipment and network architecture in more depth. Discussion on areas that may affect successful Link 22 operations and additionally with other Australian TDL equipped platforms. Finally, an introduction to the OPTASK Link 22 Segment will be provided.

Target Audience:

Any person requiring a basic level of understanding of Link 22 system, architecture and features

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the requirement for Link 22
  • State the technical document for Link 22
  • List the three Link 22 operating modes
  • Identify the two types of Link 22 messages
  • List the components of the Link 22 system architecture
  • Briefly describe the functions of the System & Network Controller
  • Describe a Link 22 Super Network
  • Discuss Link Reception Quality
  • Recall the five Link 22 addressing types
  • State the two types of Link 22 Time Slots
  • Define an Operational Network Cycle Structure
  • List the four types of Dynamic TDMA
  • State the two stages of Link 22 initialisation
  • Discuss NILE network short initialisation
  • Recognise when Late Network Entry could be employed
  • Discuss Link 22 Air Surveillance Message transmit rules
  • Describe Transmission Service Request
  • Discuss Quality of Service
  • State who the Link 22 Manager is responsible to
  • Discuss NU Management-Monitoring Statistics
  • Correctly recognise and interpret OPTASK Link 22 Segment Set(s) & Field(s) values

Learning Methods:

PowerPoint Presentation/Workshop. Visual, Oral, Verbal, Physical (where applicable), Logical, Social (interpersonal) and Solitary (intrapersonal)

Program Benefits:

  • Benefits of employing Link 22 over other TDL's or associated technologies
  • Recognition and use of the components of the Link 22 system architecture
  • Appreciation of Link 22 Networks and Addressing
  • Understanding of both basic initialisation procedures and tactical message delivery
  • Identifying basic Link 22 Management principles


  • Link 22 Introduction
  • Link 22 System Architecture
  • Link 22 Networks & Architecture
  • Link 22 Initialisation
  • Link 22 Message Delivery
  • Link 22 Management
  • Introduction to OPTASK Link 22 Segment

Upcoming Workshops

Name Date Time Location Cost
TDL22B - Apr 2019 9 Apr 2019 09:00 am - 04:30 pm Canberra $1,000.00
TDL22B - Jun 2019 12 Jun 2019 09:00 am - 04:30 pm Canberra $1,000.00


NOTE: Courses are subject to cancellation if insufficient student numbers.

You will be notified a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the course commencement.

You will not be charged until the course is confirmed.