Fundamentals of Model Based Systems Engineering

Model based systems engineering (MBSE) is a systems engineering methodology that focuses on creating and exploiting systems models as the primary engineering artefact and means of information exchange, rather than distributed sets of documentation.
Nova offers a five (5) day on-site training course that provides an introduction to the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) and the practical application of Model Based Systems Engineering with Cameo Systems Modeler. This course is comprised of three (3) days of MBSE & SysML training and a two (2) day hands-on practical (applying SysML). The course also provides several case studies of practical and effective application of MBSE to industry problems.


What is MBSE?
MBSE is the use of models to conduct systems engineering tasks in-lieu of documents. A self-consistent model, containing relevant project information, is developed and then matured throughout the project lifecycle. This model is used as the basis for developing deliverables and facilitates collaboration and information exchange. MBSE is a combination of a methodology, a language (e.g. SysML) and a tool (e.g. Cameo Systems Modeler).
Why use MBSE?
  • Manage and navigate highly complex projects
  • Build shared understanding by creating tailored views for different stakeholders
  • Relate requirements, structure and function/behaviour with rich traceability
  • Re-use information/IP within and across projects
  • Facilitate collaboration and communication among diverse and distributed teams
  • Detect errors and omissions early in the project lifecycle (i.e. left-shift risk)
  • Conduct trade-off analyses and explore the solution space
  • Eliminate the need to update disparate documentation by developing systems engineering artefacts from a primary, self-consistent model (via automated document generation)

Target Audience:

  • Engineering practitioners looking to transition from traditional Systems Engineering approaches (i.e. document centric) to MBSE
  • Systems Engineers & System Architects looking to undertake foundation training in MBSE
  • Managers through to C-suite level who wish to gain insights on the value of MBSE approaches.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain hands-on experience with the Cameo Systems Modeler V19.0 software
  • Learn how to undertake MBSE using Cameo Systems Modeler
  • Develop an understanding of the core features of SysML and MBSE (that are required to achieve OMG OCSMP Model User Certification -
  • Gain an understanding of the role MBSE plays in the ongoing digitisation of the engineering practice.

Learning Methods:

  • Face-to-face lecture content
  • Hands-on tool/software demonstrations (instructor led)
  • Lab sessions (with instructor guidance)
  • Self-directed two day practical (with instructor guidance)

Program Benefits:


  • Module 01 – Introduction to MBSE and SysML
  • Module 02 – Blocks Part #1: Definition and Usage
  • Module 03 – Blocks Part #2: Ports and Flows
  • Module 04 – Blocks Part #3: Generalisations
  • Module 05 – Blocks Part #4: Values, Constraints, Operations and Receptions
  • Module 06 – Parametrics
  • Module 07 – Activities
  • Module 08 – State Machines
  • Module 09 – Requirements
  • Module 10 – Dashboards, Metamodels and Customisation
  • Module 11 – Use Cases
  • Module 12 – Sequence Diagrams
  • MBSE Practical: Concept Model Development; Logical Model Development; Physical Model Development
  • MBSE Case Studies

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