(FTD2) Nova Systems Flight Simulator Evaluation Course (EoSTD)

Due to changes in CASA Regulation Part 60 Manual of Standards, all course are cancelled until finalisation of the new regulations and updating of course material.
Nova offers a 3 day Introduction to Flight Simulator Evaluation, Qualification and Governance to provide those working in the area of simulators with a good understanding without needing the detailed hands on certification.  Please refer Nova Simulation Evaluation Course for more details.
This 6 day course aims to provide training of the evaluation procedures, techniques and methodologies used for assessment of Flight Simulators and other Flight Training devices. This course has been approved by the Civil Aviation Services Authority (CASA) as satisfying a key training requirement of Evaluation Team Leaders acting on behalf of CASA. Students completing this course are qualified and prepared to act as Simulator Evaluation team members.


Nova offers a six day course in the Evaluation of Synthetic Training Devices (EoSTD) which specially focusses on the qualification of aerospace full-flight simulators and flight training devices against recognised standards such as Civil Aviation Safety Regulation (CASR) Part 60, FAR Part 60 and the European equivalent. Our course is recognised by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority as satisfying the training requirement contained in CASR Part 60 for personnel conducting initial and recurrent qualification of synthetic training devices.
The course itself is delivered over six days (including a Saturday) and contains theoretical instruction on simulator design, flight dynamics, regulatory standards and requirements, data analysis methods, and qualification test guide design. The course also contains approximately 10 hours per student of on-board practical exercises on full flight simulators and training devices where we teach the test techniques. The course is typically delivered at airline training venues at major airports.

Target Audience:

Personnel working on and/or evaluating Synthetic Training Devices such as Flight Simulators.

Learning Outcomes:

Learning Methods:

Learning Methods Employed:
  • Lectures
  • Classroom Demonstrations
  • Classroom Practical Activities
  • Classroom Assessments
  • Practical Demonstrations (simulated workplace)

Program Benefits:

  • CASA Certified
  • Experienced practitioners in the field of flight simulators
  • Mix of theory reinforced with practical using moder simulators


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