Acceptance Test and Evaluation

The course provides theoretical and practical instruction on the application of Acceptance Test and Evaluation (AT&E) to ADF programmes. The course uses lectures as enabling knowledge, reinforced by practical activities to reinforce the theoretical concepts.

Adelard ASCE Advanced Course

Adelard's ASCE (Assurance and Safety Case Environment) is a powerful, flexible and intuitive system for development and maintenance of assurance cases and delivery of assurance case reports. We offer a one-day ASCE course (the Foundation course), provided at our offices in London. For more experienced users, this can be extended into a two-day course (the Advanced course). Note: attendance at the Foundation course is not required to attend the Advanced course. However, a good level of proficiency in using ASCE is highly desirable to get the most from the Advanced course

Adelard ASCE User Training

Adelard's Assurance and Safety Case Environment (ASCE) is a powerful, flexible and intuitive system for development and maintenance of assurance cases and delivery of assurance case reports.

This course is designed to familiarise students with the basic functionality provided within the ASCE software tool.

Introduction to Electronic Warfare Test and Evaluation

The Introduction to EWSP course covers the specification, acquisition, evaluation and support of Electronic Warfare Self-Protection (EWSP) systems.

Introduction to Explosive Ordnance & Guided Weapons Certification

The 3 day Nova Systems Introduction to Explosive Ordnance and Guided Weapons Certification course aims to describe the application of the new ADF Explosive Ordnance Regulatory Framework, Certification policies, manuals and processes. 

Nova Systems Flight Simulator Evaluation Course (EoSTD)

This 6 day course aims to provide training of the evaluation procedures, techniques and methodologies used for assessment of Flight Simulators and other Flight Training devices.

This course has been approved by the Civil Aviation Services Authority (CASA) as satisfying a key training requirement of Evaluation Team Leaders acting on behalf of CASA.

Students completing this course are qualified and prepared to act as Simulator Evaluation team members

SATCOM UHF Fundamentals - 3 DAYS

This 3 day course provides an introduction to UHF Satellite Communications (SATCOM) for those with a basic background knowledge in communications. The course covers all fundamental aspects required to understand UHF SATCOM principles. This course is suited to planners, operators, technicians, engineers, practitioners and is provided through theoretical coursework that focusses on understanding the concepts rather than the underlying mathematics.

This course also offers an up-to-date ADF UHF MIL-SATCOM specific module, which covers the overall ADF UHF SATCOM architecture. The course also provides an overview of software based planning tools developed by Nova which are operationally used by the ADF to plan and configure communications links across UHF military satellites.

System Safety Engineering Course

Designed for system safety engineers and managers, this course provides instruction in the specific tools and techniques which are used by practitioners in the field of system safety engineering. It is designed to provide a practical as well as theoretical basis for further work in this field. The tools taught and procedures can be tailored to the specific domain and project stage of the target audience.

System Safety Management (2 Day)

System Safety Introduction Course

T&E Practitioners Course

The Nova Systems Test &Evaluation (T&E) 5 day Course has been specifically designed around the capability lifecycle within the Australian Defence environment. The course contents is regularly updated to incorporate the latest Defence policies, guidance and processes associated with T&E, including the technical and operational regulatory framework.

There are two options for the T&E course:  Attendence Only and Certiuficate IV in Test and Evaluation. 

The course are run together as the only difference is the assessment requiremnt to gain the Certificate IV.

Certificate IV in Test and EvaluationDefence Training Package

This program has been developed to reflect the requirements of the qualification DEF40517 Certificate IV in Test and Evaluation[1] from the Defence Training Package (DEF).
The DEF40517 Certificate IV in Test and Evaluation (Cert IV T&E), also known as the Nova Systems - Test and Evaluation Practitioner Course (TEPRAC) is developed to meet the needs[2] of Defence and defence industry personnel involved in the coordination, planning, preparation, conduct and reporting of test & evaluation programs. The course includes case studies, practical examples, and exposure to real-world T&E programs to provide participants with a comprehensive range of relevant information that can be applied to their own program.
The course uses as it’s foundation the capability lifecycle (CLC) and relates test and evaluation activities throughout the CLC.
The course content is reviewed and updated to incorporate the latest Defence policies, guidance and processes associated with T&E, including the technical and operational regulatory framework. Nova Systems instructors have extensive, recent first-hand skills, knowledge and experience of Australian Defence T&E programs.  Where non-defence participants attended, on request, we incorporate their policies, guidelines, and processes where appropriate.
Nova Test and Evaluation training is structured to support Vocational Education and Training (VET) and provides a pathway to tertiary study.
To support the trainer / assessor Nova Training Team will ensure the latest units of competency (UoC) related to this qualification are updated and Trainers / Assessors advised via the Course Coordinator for Test and Evaluation.
[1] Supersedes DEF42412 - Certificate IV in Test and Evaluation
[2] Refer Defence Performance Needs Analysis – Jul 2016.

Diploma of Test and Evaluation

This qualification allows for the attainment of competencies in the supervision of test and evaluation in a senior role in the management of equiment / systems throughout the Capability Life Cycle. The course includes core units of project management, staff management and mentoring; and Test and Evaluation research and mangement.